10 Countries You Might Not Want To Visit In 2023 And Why

Every country has its unique qualities and attractions it comes to travel and these are the qualities that draw the attention of tourists around the world. However, some places do not fit into this category due to various reasons. Here, we will be looking at 10 of these countries you might not want to visit and also discuss the reasons behind them. Ranging from security concerns to political instability and cultural differences.

10 Countries You Might Not Want To Visit


Somalia is a country located in Africa and is known for its ongoing political instability and high levels of criminal activities. Over the years, the country has been faced with civil war, terrorism, and piracy, which makes it a dangerous place for travelers to be. Their lack of stable infrastructure, access to basic amenities, and the constant threat of violence make Somalia one of the countries you might not want to visit.

North Korea

North Korea is a highly secluded and isolated country operating with a brutally rigid regime. Travelers are faced acute restrictions on their movement and are closely monitored by government officials. The country has limited tourism infrastructure and is known for its human rights abuses. Visiting North Korea requires a special visa and joining organized tours, which the government tightly controls.


Syria is another country that makes it to our list of countries you might not want to visit as it has long been by civil war, causing crisis and widespread destruction. The ongoing conflict, terrorism threats, and political instability has made it an extremely unsafe destination for tourists. Decapitated Infrastructure and crumbling basic amenities have made travel difficult and dangerous. It is crucial to prioritize personal safety by avoiding visiting Syria until the situation stabilizes.


Once a popular tourist destination, Venezuela has experienced a severe economic and political crumble in recent years. The country has been facing rapid, excessive, and out-of-control general price increases, shortages of basic goods and services, and a high rate of crime. Travelers may encounter challenges related to personal safety, access to healthcare, and reliable transportation. so it is not advisable to visit this country at this time unless you cope with these situations.


Yemen has been soaked in a brutal civil war since 2015, resulting in widespread violence, a humanitarian crisis, and a high risk of terrorist attacks. The country is faced with severe shortages of food, water, and medical supplies. The ongoing conflict has drastically impacted infrastructure, making travel very hazardous. The United Nations and various governments have issued strong travel warnings, advising against all travel to Yemen.


Iraq has been faced with significant security challenges, ranging from terrorism to political instability, making it a dangerous destination for travelers. While some areas are relatively safer like places in the northern Kurdistan region, other parts of the country continue to experience violence and security unrest. It is very crucial to consult updated travel advisories and exercise extreme caution if considering a trip to Iraq.


Afghanistan has long been associated with acute conflict, terrorism, and political instability. The ongoing violence and the presence of extremist groups pose serious risks to travelers. Kidnappings, bombings, and armed attacks are very common in the country. Infrastructure is limited, and travel is heavily restricted, particularly in rural and remote areas. this is why this country makes it to the list of countries you might not want to visit as traveling there is strongly unadvised due to the extreme security risks involved.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has been faced with various challenges in recent times which include armed conflicts, political instability, and high crime rates. The country has experienced widespread violence and human rights abuses. Travelers may encounter difficulties related to safety, health, and limited infrastructure if they choose to visit this country and therefore, comprehensive research and professional guidance are essential for those considering a visit.


Libya has been dealing with political instability and armed conflicts since the fall of the monarch ruler Gaddafi’s regime in 2011. The country is afflicted by violence, terrorism, and widespread crime. The lack of a functioning government and the presence of armed militias makes Libya an extremely dangerous place for tourists. Travel advisories have also strongly discouraged visiting Libya due to the high risks involved.

Central African Republic

The last on our list of countries you might not want to visit is the Central African Republic (CAR). This country is faced with political and security challenges and has experienced armed conflicts, violence, and a high crime rate. Infrastructure is grossly limited, and access to basic amenities can be difficult. The security situation is volatile which makes it easy for travelers to face a significant risk of violence and crime. CAR travel is strongly discouraged as of the time being due to the unstable environment.

It is essential to stay informed, consult official travel advisories, and prioritize personal safety when planning any trip especially if it has to be to the aforementioned countries. Remember, responsible and well-informed travel choices can contribute to a positive and rewarding travel experience.

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